Rotor Desiccant Drying

Dehumidifying Dryer DRYPLUS The smallest and most compact honey comb dryer on the market. Extremely reliable machine which guarantees 40% consumption saving if compared to the traditional twin tower desiccant dryer technology. Just a few of its features: Smaller Cleaner (dust free) Longer lasting.

  • High performance dust free dehumidifying rotor driven by a step motor.
  • Double brushless blower (process & regeneration) circuit with adjustable speed control.
  • Self Adjustable Air Flow on the Production Demand.
  • Self Adjustable Dew Point Control without Dew Point Sensor.
  • Close Loop Cooling Circuit.
  • Compressed Air Free.
  • MPM Material Protection Management.
  • SLS Safety Loading System.
  • Water Free.
  • Material Receipt.
  • Anti Stress System.
  • Graphic High Contrast Display.
  • Network LAN RS485 Ready.
  • Aluminum Frame, PREOX.
  • Integrated Daily Weekly Timer (optional).
  • Integrated Feeding System (optional).
  • Standard Cardbox Packing.

Mixer 4 lt

  • VISFLUX mixing system, the material mixing flow is horizontal and not vertical like the existing mixing systems.
    This guarantees a homogeneous mixing effect.
  • Suitable for high temperature up to 200°C.
  • Structure in stainless steel.
  • 3 distinctive working mode: ON, Timed and with externat enable.
  • Adjustable Timed mode setting.
  • 6 languages.
  • Graphic LED matrix display for an immediate status visualization.
  • SLS Safety Loading System.
  • Easy maintenance tools free.
  • Sight temperate glass.
  • OPTION : no wear mixing blades suitable for fiber glass charged materials.

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