Air Cooled

Air-cooled central chillers provide maximum cooling performance without the need for a condenser water source. These compact, precise industrial chillers are an increasingly popular, highly economical choice for processors who do not have a separate water system for condenser cooling and who need only one water temperature supply to process.

Compact. Modular. High Efficiency.

A variety of models and options accommodating many industry needs.

Environmental protection with ecological R134a gas.

High-efficiency screw or scroll compressors.

Microprocessor with easy-to-use interface for complete, easy management

Heavy Gel Air-Cooled Central Chillers

Optimized cooling for your application and environment. With a wide range of configuration, Frigelhas engineered Heavygel 3HL & 3HM central chillers to bring you the best results possible, includingindustry-leading Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER).

Heavy Gel 3HL Industrial Chillers

Maximum Efficiency in Your Facility

Heavy Gel 3HL central chillers provide optimal cooling without the need for acondenser water source.

High-PerformanceComponents Deliver Operational Benefits

Energy efficiency - Dual circuit designfeaturing high-efficiency screw compressors with infinite capacitycontrol.

Durability - Modular condenser with axial fans with head pressure control and available coil coating for harsh environments. Standard shell-and-tube evaporators with optional Freeze protection heaters.

Environmental sustainability - Ecological R134a refrigerant conforming to 1005/2009.

8 Models with capacities of 270 to 1430 kW (75 to 395 tons)

Standard temperature versions for operation from -5 to 17.5 C in ambient temperature from -15 to 43 C

High-Temperature models for operation from 7 to 25 C in ambient temperatures from 5 to 55 C

Heavy Gel 3HM Industrial Chillers

Durable hermetic scroll compressors

Choice of shell-and-tube or stainless steel brazed plate evaporators with drain and vent valves.

Axial fans with head pressure control

Galvanized steel structures, enclosures and access panels.

Continuously optimized control with microprocessor control.

Low environmental impact refrigerant - R410a or R134a.

Single or Dual-circuit design with 1-4 compressors.

15 standard temperature models with capacities of 60 to 580 kW(17 to 160 tons)and operation from -5 to 18 C in ambient temperatures from -15 to 43 C - R410a

8 high temp. units for ambient temperatures from 5 to 55 C and capacities from 60 to 305 kW (17-85 tons) with set points from 7 to 25 C - R134a

Multiple fan selections determined by operating and ambient temp.

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